5 E-cigarette Facts That Will Make You Stop Smoking Them

E-Cigs Facts

E-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular. More companies are opening to accommodate e-cigarette users everyday. The popularity is due to a number of reasons. Chief among them is the stigma society has put on smoking tobacco. E-cigarettes and vapor on the other hand have become socially acceptable. This has led many cigarette smokers to assume that e-cigarettes were a healthier alternative. Some people simply like how they are more accepted to be used in an indoor establishment and out in public in general.

The problem with the assumptions made about e-cigarettes and vaporizers, is that they are a relatively new technology. There is no way to study long term effects until a long term study can be completed. This is a problem with just about any advancement made. This being said e-cigarette and vapes can not definitively be proven to be a better alternative to cigarettes. They do not have the many years of study and research that cigarettes have had. This is one of many things that concern potential and current e-smokers. In this article we will cover a few examples of why you might want to put your e-cigarette down just like you did with your cigarette.

Quality Of The Companies

E-cigarette devices are made by many new companies. There is what has been what has been described as a “Vapor Bubble”. Just like any “bubble” this means that many companies are emerging to profit on a growing market. The Problem with “bubbles” is that they can grow to fast. When this happens the “bubble” bursts.

The best example I can give is the video game market of the 1980’s. Game consoles were made by vast number of companies. Many of this companies disappeared in the mid eighties when the game markets “bubble” burst Most thought It was a fad that died out. Leaving these home game senseless useless as new games and hardware were not made available. This all changed when nintendo came and proved itself to be a reliable company The problem with e-cigarettes is there are no proven reliable companies like nintendo to take this industry into the next level.

Quality Of The Parts

Many components of e-cigarette devices are made poorly. These components are made by the lowest bidder in countries like china. Parts like the battery are known to malfunction. Given the price of these devices this can be very inconvenient. Even worse than inconvenient, these malfunctioning parts such as the battery can be dangerous.

Exploding Batteries

You read that right, I said “exploding batteries”. This is an actual thing. I once thought that it was a bit out there until it happened to my friend. He was not even using his device when it exploded. It exploded in his pocket. The resulting third degree burns down his leg got him a weeks stay in a regional burn unit and what looks like an assault by a blind tattoo artis on his leg.

Unreliable Warranties

As mentioned before, these devices are made with unreliable products by unreliable companies. This means when your battery explodes in your pocket, you might not find it easy to get compensation for your pain and suffering you might have trouble getting a new battery.

Unreliable Facts

The truth is there is no way to know if these devices are any better than cigarettes. For all we know they can be worse. That being said we also do not know if they are safe for use indoors or safe for those around you or the second hand effects.

Final Thought

In the end your best bet is to stay away from smoking unless its for a recreational purpose.

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