Create an anonymous website (5 steps)

In today’s world of doxxing made easy and a worldwide increase in censorship, it makes perfect sense to create an anonymous website. Having your own virtual platform to exercise your right to free speech is something that everyone should be entitled to. If you are looking for ways to create your own anonymous website, read on.

1. Get an Anonymous Domain Name

Anonymous domain name

Using the Internet to protect free speech will always work as people will find a way to keep publish their ideas. Start by getting an anonymous domain name for your website. Most people that purchase domains like “.com” may think they are being careful and safe, but when you register with most domains, you will eventually share some kind of information that could be used to reveal your identity.

To circumvent this, most people enter fake information when they purchase their domain name. Activists often register their websites under names of the people that they are exposing with their information or will use pseudonyms like “Protect Thepublic” to make their presence and purpose known to those that would try to silence them. The option to youse an anonymous domain registrar is also one many activists choose.

2. Use Anonymous Payment Methods

Anonymous payment gateway

If you go through all the trouble of protecting your identity when registering for a domain name, don’t mess it up by leaving a paper trail with the type of payment method you use. Most people that care to completely protect their identity will purchase their domain name through a prepaid credit card that was paid for with cash, through a money order that was paid for with cash or using Bitcoins.

3. Use an Anonymous Email


As you continue in your endeavor to remain anonymous, remember to use an anonymous email. Set up your new email address with a free email service that will make it impossible for people to trace your email or website back to you.

4. Use an Anonymous Host for Your Website

Now that you have the domain name, the payment method, and your email secure, your next step is choosing the right server to host you. Try to choose a server that you know is heavily protected by freedom of speech laws. Register your website under your anonymous email and your fake name to ensure you protect your identity and be sure to alway use an anonymous method of payment.

5. Choosing a Protected IP Address

When choosing an IP address, be sure to use specific VPN’s that will block anyone from trailing the IP back to you. When using a VPN, take care not to use an insecure method of payment. Private Internet Access is one that accepts Bitoins and will make it impossible for others to trace back to you.

Always Protect Your Freedom of Speech

Following all these steps is a great start to protecting your anonymity and keeping your identity safe. However, no method is completely secure. The server or domain you are using may one day be pressured by the government to get rid of your information. This is why it is important to do your best to use domains and hosts that are outside of your government and political sphere.

Registering your website through a country that protects free speech is one of the safest things you can do to protect your anonymity. In the event that your information does get taken down, the great thing about the virtual world is that you can post again and again. Stay anonymous and stay safe. They may not like what you say, so you must do everything in your power to protect your right to say it.

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