Best Gadgets of 2016

If you love gadgets, you’ll love this quick guide. We’re going to show you some impressive new gadgets which were launched this year. These “coolest gadgets of 2016” are so fun to use and they look great, too. They are examples of high-tech in action and they’re also designed to make your life easier. Without further ado, let’s look at some desirable apps which are perfect for every type of person…

1.) EHang 184 Drone


This drone is human-sized and it is manufactured by a Chinese firm known as EHang. When you treat yourself to this big drone, you’ll be able to fly in it for up to twenty-three minutes. You’ll be able to travel at speeds of up to sixty miles per hour. In addition, you’ll love the way that this drone looks. It comes with doors of the gull-wing style, as well as arms which may be folded.

2.) Project Tango Phone

Lenevo has produced a new phone which is called the Google Project Tango phone. It hasn’t been formally released yet in the marketplace, but should be soon. It will be available for under five hundred bucks and it should be available by summertime, 2016. Tango-enabled phones are designed to give users amazing benefits, such as the ability to view objects which are virtual and data which appears on top of surroundings.

3.) Garmin Varia Vision

If you want to enjoy augmented reality, this cool gadget will help you to do so. It’s a display system which mounts to a pair of sunglasses. When you use this gadget, you’ll be able to see traffic in the distance and access accurate directions. The device retails for about four hundred bucks and it’s a great choice for cyclists.

4.) Parrot Disco Drone

This drone weighs in at seven hundred grams and it will fly for about forty-five minutes. When you buy this design, your new drone will achieve speeds of fifty miles per hour. The drone is equipped with a camera which features 1080 pixels for ultra-high resolution. The camera is mounted on the front portion of the flying machine.

5.) Daqri Smart Helmet

This device is meant for industrial usage and it projects vital data in front of the eyes of the user. This design also functions as a protective hard hat, so it’s practical for anyone who uses big machines and works in tech niches.

6.) Sensor Labs Nima

This gadget from 6 Sensor Labs is pretty inexpensive in light of its quality and it’s designed to do gluten food tests in less than two minutes. The tests are performed using antibodies and pods which are disposable. People who suffer from Celiac disease or have sensitivity to gluten will love everything that this gadget has to offer!

Which Gadget is Your Favorite?

Now that you know more about the coolest gadgets of 2016, you’ll be ready to move forward and choose the one that is right for you. If the gadget that you like best isn’t available yet, it probably will be soon. Keep tabs on it online and you’ll be able to purchase it as soon as it’s available.

Technology is like magic when it’s really evolved. These gadgets definitely deliver magic and it’s safe to say that they’re all going to become very popular. Once you’ve tried one or all of them, you may find that you develop a deeper appreciation for what high technology can do.

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